On Saturday the 15th of April in Ederveen, a new edition of Lenteplein took place. During this event, young people and kind volunteers from Lunteren and surroundings try to raise funds for the E.Y.E.S. Youth Exchange by selling second hand things, clothing, snacks and much more. Children can enjoy a bouncy castle, get their face painted or take a ride in a covered wagon.

"As a participant, I helped with the Lenteplein. I got to bake hamburgers. Normally I would not participate in something like this, but this time I stepped out of my comfort zone to contribute to the younger exchange. In the end it was a fun and educational experience."
Richard Visser

European Commission

To make the exchange possible, a grant has been applied for from Erasmus+ on behalf of the European Commission, but to pay for the trip and really experience the cultures properly, more money is needed and this is being raised through the Lenteplein.

The exchange “Growing Europe Together” is organized by the Romania Committee of the Reformed Church PKN Lunteren, and will focus on migration and European cooperation. Part of this is discovering different cultures. During the exchange, young people from the Netherlands, Romania and also Hungary will think and discuss these topics together. From each country, about 12 young people aged 16 to 23 will join the exchange, which takes place from the 30th of July to the 16th of August. The first week, the participants from Romania and Hungary come to the Netherlands to learn more about the culture and people here, as well as follow educational workshops about important topics together with the Dutch participants. The second week, the whole group travels by bus to Hungary and stay there for a few days. Finally, the group will travel to Romania to experience that country.

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