Day 8 – The Last Day

Day 8 was already the last day of this part of the exchange. At night, the group would travel by bus towards Brno and start the second part of the exchange. Therefore, this day was all about the Youthpass, evaluations, cleaning of the accommodation, and having one last party to celebrate each other and say goodbye to some of the people. First, each team was tasked with creating a short sketch about several aspects of the Erasmus programme and the Youth Exchanges. They were not allowed to do a simple presentation, so each group would create something unique to present their topic. One group did a quiz for example, while another would present their topic like a television ad. This way, the participants could get more insight in the programme and the goals of the youth exchange!
The second part of the day was dedicated to filling in the Youthpass and doing evaluations. The Youthpass was filled in by each participant, who included their experience, their learning goals and their competences after this week. Furthermore, this allowed for the participants to reflect on their own goals and learning process, and retain more information of the workshops by applying it to their Youthpass. It was a relaxing and nice afternoon full of remembrance, evaluations and talking about the past week.
The day was closed off with final evaluations and, of course, the conclusions to the Secret Friend and Killer Game! Each person from the entire exchange had to guess their own secret friend by listening to their voice. It appeared that most of them could guess very quickly! The killer game conclusion resulted in one team getting the most points, so there was a clear winner. Each team received their own price to make a good ending to this competitive element of the exchange. The rest of the evening and night was spent on cleaning and saying ‘goodbye’ to this part of the exchange. Overall, each participant has given their all in this week, friendships were made, lessons were learned and fears were eliminated. A successful exchange!
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