Day 6 – The Last Workshop

Day 6, a day filled with a lot of rain, was the day during which the last workshop of the programme was held before evaluation and the creation of the Youth Passes have started. After breakfast, the group moved towards the church in Lunteren, where a Hungarian participant would read a part from the Bible in Hungarian, and a facilitator presented the purpose of the exchange and what we’ve done so far. Furthermore, the creations of the recycling workshop were presented in the hallway, where after the service participants and locals could talk about the exchange and what they’ve learned.
After coming back at the scouting location, it was time for the last workshop, Sustainable Housing. This elaborate game was created to mimic the difficulties of choosing how to insulate your house, while also making sure that it stays within your budget and has the least energy loss as possible. It got competitive, as teams were competing against each other to create the most sustainable house! This day, some of us were able to get the camp fire outside going while it was still raining a bit. Some music and some good stories helped create a nice cosy evening where everyone could talk about the last few days!
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