Day 5 – Religion and Supply Chains

The fifth day of this exchange consisted of many different activities, varying from discussions about religion to the management of supply chains. After breakfast, different experts on different religions joined the participants and talked to them about several themes and what they mean in their religion. The participants got a chance to talk about their experiences, ask questions and gain more perspective and knowledge on different religions than their own.
After this workshop, we travelled towards the tower in Putten to climb it and explore it. A great way to enjoy the (barely) nice weather after days of rain! At arriving back at the scouting location, it was time for lunch and another sustainability workshop: Sustainable Supply Chains. During this workshop, different teams were tasked to draw and create the supply chain of different products and locations, such as bananas to the Netherlands and jeans to Romania. After that, the goal was to make this supply chain more sustainable by thinking outside-of-the-box and creating solutions to unsustainable parts of this supply chain. An afternoon filled with creative thinking and applying the concepts of sustainability!
It was then time for the Hungarian evening! The Hungarian participants had prepared and brought different Hungarian food and snacks, and baked some fresh pancakes as well. There was dancing, singing and laughing all around!
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