Day 4 – Amsterdam

After breakfast the morning gym was held by Ilse, where we played games similar to “speed dating” but with a bit of movement involved. It was followed by an educational workshop given by Cilia. The focus of this workshop was recycling objects and sustainability. We got to learn how recycling really works and how the world could be more sustainable if things were to change for the better. After that the participants had to make useful objects out of plastic bottles. Their creativity knew no boundaries as they made flowerpots, pen holders and even a piggy bank.
Following a lunchbreak, we got on the bus and headed to Amsterdam. The participants were handed a questionnaire beforehand which consisted of 15 questions. Arguably there is no better way to learn about Dutch history than visiting the Rijksmuseum, so that was our first stop. The participants got to spend a total of 3 hours there were they had to look for the answers for their questionnaire while admiring the wonderful works of many famous Dutch artists such as Rembrandt, Goya and even a Van Gogh. After the Rijksmuseum we went to Body Worlds where the participants got to know interesting facts about their own body, physical and mental health. We had a fantastic dinner in the restaurant Vapiano.
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