Day 3 – Game Day!

Today’s morning gym was skipped because the Kangoo Jumping the previous day was quite excruciating. We followed that up with handing out the gifts from the secret friend’s box which was full of nice treats and lovely notes. Following the coffee break, we engaged in the Blanket Game, which revolves around speed. The facilitators held a blanket between them, and the moment it dropped, the participant who first shouted the other’s name would emerge as the winner. This way they could earn points in the competition for their team.
Following the Blanket Game, we played childhood games which was prepared by the Romanian and Hungarian participants. The Romanian game was called “Blind Granny”. Six people were chosen and were blindfolded. Everybody else hid in the room and the blindfolded guys had to search them and guess who they have found by touching their face. After that we went outside and played the Hungarian game, “War of Numbers”. There were special caps made with four-digit numbers on them. There were two teams, the reds, and the blues. If your number gets shouted by the other team, then you are out of the game. Each team had to hide a flag and if the flag gets captured by the opposing team they lose. At the very last minute the blue team managed to snatch the red’s flag securing an epic victory.
Following the lunchbreak came the Hexathlon. Each team had to come up with a unique game that two teams can play at the same time, and it had to be competitive. After a short preparation phase the teams began competing for points. The games were awesome! The World Wide Winners managed to secure a flawless victory as they won all of their five games. Their grand prize was not having do to anything at all that evening, all the other teams had to choose a chore they needed to complete, which consisted of either cleaning or cooking. We closed the day with the Dutch intercultural evening in which the participants could try out traditional Dutch food and drinks and listen to some quality Dutch music.
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