Day 2 – Getting to Know Each Other

Getting to Know Each Other After the introductions to the programme and the goals of the week the previous day, this day was all about getting to know each other. We stayed at ‘home’ in the middle of the forest near Putten during a rainy day. After breakfast, the participants took part in a creative workshop to show each other who they are in a workshop called the ‘River of Life’. Using old and used products, magazines, paper and tools, each of the participants created a poster with their life on it. These posters ranged from compositions with many pictures, or drawings to let their creative side show. Afterwards, these posters were presented and put up in the hallway, so that everyone could take a look throughout the week.
After a break, the theme of (Mental) Health was talked about in a workshop provided by one of the participants from last exchanges. In this workshop, each of the Team’s got presented with a variety of patient cases with corresponding questions regarding the proper course of action. This stimulated the participants to think about how to talk to the patient, find out what kind of problem they have and how it could be cured or treated. During this day, participants have also discussed several health statements. The following workshop concerned the discussion skills of participants about ethical issues. During Abigail’s Tail, a short story (presented by volunteers with puppets) was performed where several characters make choices that could be deemed ‘good’ or ‘bad’. An interesting and informative discussion!
The participants have also joined a fun speeddating session: using fun questions, they got to know some of the thoughts of their date, after which they switched. Then, the highlight of the day: Kangoo jumping. This intense workout included shoes with a bounce. Everyone did their best and showed their sportskills led by two experienced women. This all in the spirit of Health! We closed the day off with the introduction to the Killer Game, and a small party!
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