Day 13, 14 and 15 – An Unforgettable Romanian Adventure: Last Days of the Exchange

On Day 13, we headed to our final destination, Romania. After a day-long journey and a satisfying stop at a roadside restaurant just across the border, we arrived late at our accommodation. Thankfully, a warm welcome awaited us, and we could immediately sit down for dinner—a welcome treat after a day on the road. The evening concluded with lively games, a perfect introduction to our stay in Romania.
On the 14th day, a choice awaited us: to climb a mountain in Rimetea or explore the cultural wonders of Cluj-Napoca. Despite the challenge for the mountain climbers, the breathtaking view provided an unforgettable experience. Those who explored the city discovered the rich culture of Cluj-Napoca. Returning home, we were treated to delicious Romanian cuisine, a culinary change we all appreciated. The evening was filled with camaraderie, conversations, and games, concluding around a crackling campfire.
Day 15 marked the end of our exchange. We visited the oldest castle in the Balkans, the Trascău Fortress. The history and war stories made the visit fascinating. Although a planned game proved too risky, we enjoyed precious moments together, reflecting on our adventure. The evening ended with campfire games and heartfelt conversations. Farewells were exchanged on Day 15 as we departed by bus and plane back to our respective hometowns. These final days in Romania were infused with adventure, new experiences, and cherished memories that will stay with us always.
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