Day 1 – Welcome to The Netherlands

Today marked the initial complete day where all participants had the opportunity to interact with those from other countries. The day’s agenda focused on familiarizing everyone with the exchange program and its core principles, as well as fostering connections among the participants. The day commenced with a comprehensive name game activity.

After a coffee break, the project presentation took place, led by Sietse, who elaborated on the exchange program and its three main pillars: sustainability, physical and mental health, and inclusivity that will be emphasized during the first week of the exchange. Additionally, the discussion touched upon Human Rights, a topic that will remain relevant and integral throughout the entire exchange period. After this briefing we played a fun game called Ho-Chi-Ha which was a really good way to get to know each other a little bit more.
After the lunch break, a crucial segment of today’s program ensued, involving the participants in identifying their fears, hopes, and contributions. The aim is that by revisiting these aspects at the week’s end, the participants will notice progress towards their personal objectives. This grants the exchange a deeper sense of purpose in fostering the personal growth of everyone. Additionally, the Youthpass was introduced, outlining the eight competences offered by Erasmus+ and how it will facilitate the recognition of potential developments among the participants.
As the day drew to a close Sietse introduced us to “Secret Friend” after that we gathered in our Teams for the first time, collaborating to design a flag and group name. This year the teams are going to compete against each other throughout the duration of the exchange. The Exchangers and the Vikings had the best flag, and they were each rewarded with a point. To top it all off, the day concluded with an exuberant closing party by DJ FlowRyan, making it a memorable and festive ending.
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