In the Netherlands, the participants join a week filled with all kinds of activities. During the first two days of the program, participants will get to know each other through games, energisers and shared meals. This exchange creates a safe, warm and fun atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and open to each other. This is necessary to gain new impressions and experiences!

The goal of these activities is to acquire competences suitable for dealing with environmental and health challenges. The excursions and workshops contribute to a better understanding and use of these competences. For the participants, this exchange is a great opportunity to gain more knowledge about human rights; foreign cultures and languages; EU awareness and awareness of sustainability issues.

We take care of almost everything

We arrange the trip and the planning. But it is useful to take some things with you on such a trip. Find the checklist here to be fully prepared!

an unforgettable journey

A wide variety of non-formal and cross-cultural learning is applied, while participants broaden their soft and core skills. Through non-formal learning, participants improve competences, experience and knowledge in green skills, mental and physical health and creativity, arts and culture. 


Getting to know people from different countries and cultures and understanding the differences between their cultures increases European cohesion and broadens your horizon. Young people from the Netherlands, Romania and Hungary learn to develop their competences and skills together. This has an impact on them and on their local and regional communities, and gives them more self-confidence and self-esteem!

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